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HomePro WatchGuard for Everyday Protection


With HomePro WatchGuard, you get an advanced cellular and wireless home safety & security system designed to keep you and your family safe & comfortable everyday. WatchGuard  is also vigilant to protect you against insurance policy exclusions while you are away. Our ULC partnered monitoring station enables us to issue an installation certificate to help lower your home insurance by as much as 20% in some cases. These type of savings will more than cover your HomePro monitoring costs.

DSC PowerSeries Neo - The Next Generation in Security Systems

HomePro Watch & WatchGuard Programs use DSC PowerSeries Neo to capture the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals, resulting in a ground-breakingly comprehensive and versatile hybrid environmental, safety &  intrusion security system using Cellular technology to communicate to our Central Monitoring Station processed through Alarm.com for interactive solutions to your mobile devices, tablets and PC. 


The broad selection of devices includes PowerG-enabled security motion detectors, contacts, wireless keys and various life-safety and environmental protection devices such as smoke, carbon monoxide detectors, temperature monitors and water leak sensors will lower your insurance cost and protect against insurance loss during heating seasons when you are away. Designed with a scalable approach to cater to future needs, the vast selection of available devices and peripherals available for PowerSeries Neo is endless.

There are no upfront purchase requirements of either the HomePro Watch Environmental System or HomePro WatchGuard Security, Safety & Environmental System as other Security Companies usually require. And with HomePro WatchGuard, at the end of the term of your contract, you will own the entire system. Term contracts for new systems range from three years to five years and paid monthly. The longer the term, the lower the monthly fee. Add Property Protection, and as you add each individual service, the rate of each service lowers compared to any competitors individual service cost. The more you buy, the more you save. All-in-one protection solutions from HomePro Canada. 
The HomePro Canada WatchGuard System includes:
  1. A state-of-art DSC PowerSeries Neo wireless/cellular security system designed to your specifications with wireless device signal ranges of 2.4km. Proven, Powerful & Robust with no wires to cut! Great for small or large properties no matter how many buildings are present on the property, you can secure them all!
  2. Alarm.com Interactive solutions for your PC. Tablet or Smart Phone from basic interactive (arm/disarm and online history) to two way voice up to HD Video monitoring. (rates fluctuate based on service required) 
  3. Security Wireless Device(s) warranty for one year. 
  4. Free Device battery changes by a technician over the term of the contract when each/any device indicates a required change;  
  5. 24/7 ULC monitoring with live bi-lingual operator(s) with a cross Canada monitoring station redundancy for protection against station power failures that includes a HomePro Canada    1- 800 telephone number to call the live operator(s) when needed; 
  6. HomePro technician dispatch to your residence (Key Holder under HomePro Watch or WatchGuard Program) in your absences during heating seasons for all power/temp/flood alerts (if devices are installed) to protect against your Home Insurance Policy Exclusions regarding freezing, water escape and rupture when you leave your home unoccupied for more than 3-5 days; 
  7. Certificate of Installation issued for the contract term to provide to your Insurance Broker for possible insurance policy premium reductions of up to 20%; 
  8. Low cost additional Home Maintenance & Property Care options like snow removal, lawn & garden care, window washing, eaves cleaning, spring & fall yard clean ups and power washing services like house exterior cleaning that can be added to your contract as a HomePro Watch or HomePro WatchGuard client. (See website for details www.gohomepro.net/propertyprotection/). 
  9. Free additional security visits into the home during property care visits (if added to your contract) to physically check your home heating and other aspects of necessity with picture activity log while your are away.
  10. HomePro Canada’s welcoming and small business personalized service is standard for all our clients.


Add HomePro Property Protection and Save BIG Today!