Professional Protection While You Are Away 

HomePro SnowBirds HomeWatch is specifically designed to ensure continous coverage of your homeowners policy by meeting your policy terms to protect your home while you are away during heating season with 24/7 monitoring or daily entries for short term absences. Also, having a professional HomeWatch company ensures that any direct exclusion of freezing , water escape & rupture in your home insurance policy can be mitigated because HomePro dispatches to the home on any environmental monitoring alert (low temp, power disruption, flood detection).


There are no upfront system purchase requirements for the HomePro SnowBirds HomeWatch Monitoring System (environmental) or  HomePro WatchGuard System (environmental, burglary, safety) as other Security Companies usually require. 

did you know?

Home or Cottage insurance policies in Canada do not insure for loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by freezing, rupture or water escape if you leave your dwelling unoccupied for more than 3-5 consecutive days during normal heating seasons. 

Insurance companies penalize you by excluding certain coverage's when you are away during heating seasons unless you follow their specific conditions. Exclusions that directly affect snowbirds, cottagers and vacationers. If you don't follow these conditions, insurance companies will reject any related claims according to their policy terms. Courts have continously upheld the rejected claims ruling in favour of the insurance companies when homeowners have challeged the insurance policy through a legal course of action.

However, with most policies, your insurance will continue to cover freezing water escape & rupture while you are away if you choose our 24/7 HomePro SnowBirds Watch protection program. 

your snowbirds homewatch includes

  1. A state-of-art DSC PowerSeries Neo wireless/cellular monitoring system designed to insurance specifications with wireless device signal ranges of 2.4km. Proven, Powerful & Robust with no wires to cut! Great for small or large properties no matter how many buildings are present on the property! 
  2. Security Wireless Device(s) warranty for one year. 
  3. Free Device battery changes by a technician over the term of the contract when each/any device indicates a required change;  
  4. 24/7 ULC monitoring with live bi-lingual operator(s) with cross Canada monitoring stations for redundancy protection against monitoring station power failures which includes a HomePro Canada 1- 800 telephone number to call the live operator(s) when needed; 
  5. 24/7 HomePro technician dispatch to your residence (Key Holder under HomePro Watch) in your absences during heating seasons for all power/temp/flood alerts to protect against your Home Insurance Policy Exclusions regarding freezing, water escape and rupture when you leave your home unoccupied for more than 3-5 days; 
  6. Certificate of Installation issued for the contract term to provide to your Insurance Broker for possible insurance policy premium reductions of up to 20%; 
  7. Low cost additional Home Maintenance & Property Care options like snow removal, lawn & garden care, window washing, eaves cleaning, spring & fall yard clean ups and power washing services like house exterior cleaning that can be added to your contract as a HomePro Watch or HomePro WatchGuard client. (See website for details 
  8. Free additional visits into the home during property care visits while your are away (if added to your contract) to physically check your home heating and other areas of necessity with picture activity log.
  9. HomePro Canada’s welcoming and small business personalized service is standard for all our clients.

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