HomePro Gold Winterize

    Best protection to safeguard against long term absences of 180 Days or More.

With HomePro Winterize Gold, we will: 

- go to your Home or Cottage at an approved time and shut off your main water supply and drain all your distribution pipes, fixtures and appliances. HomePro will then "blow out" the entire Home or Cottage's plumbing system with compressed air into the distribution pipes.  HomePro will then apply correct amounts of the safe Propylene Glycol antifreeze into all plumbing fixture pea traps, toilet tanks and bowls.

- return to your Home or Cottage to restore your water supply and water pressure into your plumbing system including the testing of all fixtures for flow and potential leaks using your Home or Cottage's normal water pressure.

- provide maintenance visits as required for driveway/walkway and roof snow removal in the winter that includes entry into your Home or Cottage during each maintenance visit to inspect the home and alternate room lighting to help prevent against vandalism.

- call you; and/or have HomePro to repair; and/or call a specialized service to repair any maintenance issue while you are away affecting the winterized condition of your Home or Cottage that would be considered the homeowners normal responsibility. (any/all repairs are considered additional costs in the terms of your service agreement)

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