Home & Cottage Maintenance, management & Protection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is HomePro?


A.  HomePro Canada is a full service residential professional protection business operating in Callander Ontario. We offer everything you need to take care and protect your Home or Cottage whether you are at home or away. Professional care and protection for your home or cottage.


Q. Who is sent to my house to provide our services to you? 


A. HomePro will show up at your home in uniform and are employees of the business. We thoroughly screen each of our employees to ensure you can trust the person entering your home. We are bonded and insured as well as skilled and experienced for all of your home or cottage services we provide. We will show up on time and ready to provide any of your service requests!


Q. How do you charge?


A. At HomePro, we have easy monthly billing for all of our protection and property care programed services through our service agreements. 


Q. Will I get an estimate, price quote or service agreement for my job?


A. Yes. At HomePro we work mainly on a quoted service agreement. The advantage of this method is that it is the least costly and fastest way to ensure the specifics of your individual requests are noted, detailed and in print. Also, we use this method because each service we provide is not equal in scope. Every customer has unique needs and different sized homes including so we customize our service agreements to each homeowner.


If you give us a call we can give you some idea on costs but would have to set up an appointment to give you an estimate or a firm quote. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with us at HomePro so we can come to you and answer any questions you may have on our services for your home or cottage.


Q. What are my payment options?


A. HomePro provides easy monthly billing. All billing can be paid with our secure PayPal payment system. Just go to the HomePro or go to the bottom of any page on this website to find the "Pay Now" button. Enter your invoice # and click "Pay Now". No PayPal account is needed as you can pay by Credit Card. Once on the HomePro Canada PayPal site, enter your billing amount *(DO NOT INCLUDE HST FROM YOUR INVOICE AS THIS WILL BE CALCULATED BY PAYPAL) on the top left hand side of the page. Once the total you entered matches your invoice with HST included you can proceed over to the right hand side of the page and pay by your PayPal account or click "I DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT" near the bottom of the right hand side of the page and this will open up the page to allow you to enter your credit card information. 


Q. How can I schedule an appointment with HomePro?


A. Scheduling an appointment with HomePro is easy! Simply call 705-491-0066 or email info@gohomepro. You can also fill in the form under Contact Us. Generally, we can get make an appointment with you within 2-3 days of your call or email request!


Q. Special materials or items need to be purchased for my service or work. How would this work?


A. When HomePro arrives for your appointment at your home or cottage, we provide you with a list of equipment or materials that we will provide (pertaining to specific services like HomePro Watch or HomePro WatchGuard.


Q. Does HomePro have a guarantee?


A. Yes, we have a guarantee.